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Go To Post     Have you every shied away from a learning a new skill or taking on a new task? Why??Because it will take you out of your comfort zone? Although often recited by students when they’re are studying and preparing for exams; this dua is not limited to just school education. Going beyond the request for growth with your IQ, with this dua you are also asking Allah for personal growth which includes spirituality, intellectually or financially. Personal growth is a key determinator for achieving success and living life to the fullest, with the ultimate goal of achieving Jannah. We should challenge ourselves, and not shy away from learning new skills. It is through challenges and obstacles that we grow and get better. Asking Allah to guide us by reciting this dua is embracing the challenge. By simply reading the above dua you will have memorised it! Recite it often and whenever you come upon a challenge. Insha’Allah you will be successful! #personalgrowth #spritualgrowth #Allah #Rabbizidniilma #Increasingknowledge #pray #dua #fromsilverlining #lovesilverlining

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