Multipurpose Arabic Decor Cube

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Simple yet stylish, this wooden cube can be used in various way in your home or office.

  • When using as a candle holder, the playful Islamic geometric pattern and the Alhamdulillah calligraphy cutout softly bounces around your room from the flickering light when you put a battery operated votive candle or our LED lights for a soft glow.. The flickering light will make your evenings even more cozy!
  • Use it as a pen & pencil holder to keep all your writing tools together in one place on your desk.
  • Great to use as a party storage to hold your forks, knives and spoons.

Carved from natural wood and given a polished paint, this delightful wooden decor has a classic yet rustic appeal that will add depth and character to your spaces.

Dot one or several of these wooden star candle holders around your rooms to add warmth and flair.


  • A simple decor that makes a sophisticated upgrade to any space. Makes the perfect small gift or a lovely decoration to your home or office.


    Details :

    • 4inch x 4inch x 4inch
    • Comes in a gift ready box
    • Material : Wood
    • Candle not included
    • Lasercut Islamic Geometric pattern in 2 sides & Alhamdulillah calligraphy on the other two sides.

    **Please note** The white & Gold Cube is a Pre-order item and will be dispatched May 25th Insha’Allah