Silver Lining - Eid Confetti Poppers
Silver Lining
Eid Confetti Poppers

Eid Confetti Poppers

Push. Pop. Celebrate! You can't celebrate Eid without tossing confetti! Hand out these confetti poppers to guests during the moon sighting or at your Eid party! Even better, double up the excitement by gently opening the poppers beforehand to sneak in the kids' Eidy!

The confetti poppers come in a pack of 3 and include a gold, black, and white mix of hand cut confetti!

Directions for use: hold confetti popper in one hand. Swing other hand upwards, hitting confetti handle with the palm of your hand. You can remove the lid prior to popping the confetti if you'd like to make it a little easier to use.
7.99 GBP