Ramadan Legacy Planner

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A powerful and inspiring, all-encompassing Ramadan planner designed to take you on a step-by-step meaningful journey to help you achieve your biggest goals, create your 30-day action plan, and have a life-changing Ramadan. It's more than just a planner. It inspires you to become the best version of yourself and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that. 

About the Ramadan Legacy Planner:

  • Ramadan is a busy time of the year where people don’t have the time to design their own Ramadan structure, schedule or daily plan.
  • Seamlessly balance productivity, spiritual transformation, goal-setting and personal reflection in one beautifully handcrafted planner.
  • It's more than just a planner. It inspires you to become the best version of yourself and gives you a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that.
  • It's a personal Ramadan coach, that fits in your everyday bag!
  • Ramadan Journey Guide: Inspirational knowledge that you need to internalise the purpose of Ramadan
  • Significance of Ramadan: An in-depth explanation of the meaning of Ramadan and the significance of the month
  • Key Stages of Ramadan: Beautiful highlights of the key stages of Ramadan in terms of its spiritual depth and importance in your life
  • Unlock Treasures of Ramadan: How to embark on the perfect Ramadan journey of success and barakah!
  • Practical Footsteps: Never miss an act of worship, we provide you with easy to implement practical steps to maximise your blessings
  • Qur'an Plan: A simple and effective dedicated Qur'an plan that suits your lifestyle and goals
  • Taraweeh Tips: Special tips on how to pray each night with meaning and khushoo
  • Ramadan Survival Guide: What to do when you encounter those low points during the holy month
  • Charity Guide: Simplifying the types of charity in Ramadan and when to give whether you have money or not
  • Authentic Du’as: Know what to recite and when to recite it to gain all those special rewards
  • Unique Ramadan Preparation Exercises: Understand where you are with your faith, where you want to go and how to get there through our powerful, practical and inspiring prep steps
  • Your Story of Ramadan: Self-reflect before Ramadan begins on everything that's happened since last Ramadan and the key changes you want to make
  • Discover Your Spiritual Passions: Next, you go through a spiritually tingling discover your spiritual passions exercise, write down all those things to make you passionate about your faith
  • Master Du’a List: Create a master du'a and wish list for all the things you want to ask Allah in Ramadan
  • Ramadan Vision & Goals: Finally, you set your Ramadan vision and break that down into actionable goals you can achieve in the month
  • Structured 30-Day Action Plan: Featuring a daily checklist of prayers, reading, and worshipping activities alongside a daily knowledge card, daily deed, and daily actionable goals to achieve your vision for Ramadan!
  • Personal Reflection Check-ins: We give you space to breathe along the way every 10-days to make sure you are on track for a successful and transformational Ramadan
  • Daily Prayer Card: It’s more than just ticking boxes, every day we provide you an in-depth knowledge card to learn about the spiritual transformation and depth of prayer so by the end of Ramadan you can pray more meaningfully!
  • Post-Ramadan Guide: It doesn't stop there, we provide a guide on what to do after Ramadan ends including reflection practices, what to do on Eid, extra fasting and how to maintain the essence of Ramadan.
  • Post-Ramadan Life Hacks: This includes a tracker for fasts after Ramadan, writing an open letter to yourself to read next Ramadan, an Eid checklist and how to maintain the spirit throughout the year.